The Characters

As a Renal Resident at City West Public, Frankie is whip-smart, determined and fiercely protective of her secret: not only is she a transplant doctor, but a transplant patient too – a fact that, if discovered, she fears could destroy her career.

Doctor Frankie Bell

Lou is a talented surgeon, but will her emotional vulnerability allow her to break into the cutthroat boy’s club of surgery? An affair with her boss may put everything she’s struggled for at risk.

Doctor Lou Tannis

Head of Renal and Frankie’s mentor, Berger is the keeper of her secret and her rock. From a Welsh steelworker family, he is a larger than life, maverick physician who doesn’t always play by the rules when it comes to looking after his patients.

Professor Chad Berger

Recently returned from a warzone, Eli is now the cardio registrar at City West, and is plagued by a traumatic loss in his past. Quiet, guarded and prickly-edged, he is an excellent doctor and shares an undeniable chemistry with Frankie.

Doctor Eli Nader

Tabb is an intern and new to the hospital. Beneath the quick wit and a sense of humour that puts everyone at ease, he doubts his abilities to be a doctor. Why shouldn’t he, when he finds himself at the centre of every disaster?

Doctor Tabb Patel

Pressured by her family, Tanya is an ambitious Renal registrar who sees Frankie as her main competitor and will do anything to get ahead.

Doctor Tanya Kalchuri

Charming and charismatic, Mitri is a surgical god who takes what he wants, enjoys the benefits of his status, and can do no wrong. But his hubris may land him in hot water when a careless mistake causes a patient’s death.

Doctor Rowan Mitri

Hard-arsed and sharp shooting, Cutter has sacrificed everything in her life to carve a path through the surgical world. Now an excellent – and infamous – surgeon, she suffers no fools and respects only those with guts.

Doctor Maggie Cutter

A bastion of tradition, Steele is Head of Medicine at City West – the big boss! Once passionate about patients, he now finds himself bound by the endless administrative red tape.

Doctor Rupert Steele

As Head Nurse of the hospital, Carol is like a drill sergeant, bellowing orders to her nurses, but always there to help when the going gets tough. She’s hard to impress, but loyal to those she respects.

NUM Carol Little

A burnt out surgical trainee turned Anaesthetist.

Doctor Monica Lee