Tanya Kalchuri (Pallavi Sharda) must confess to Frankie (Claire van der Boom) that she invaded her medical files, a breach of professional ethics. While Berger (Owen Teale) works with Eli Nadar (Liam McIntyre), to save a patient from deportation.

Tanya Kalchuri’s (Pallavi Sharda) illicit discovery of Frankie’s (Claire van der Boom) transplant threatens her own career: she could be prosecuted for breach of ethics. Chad Berger (Owen Teale), forces Tanya to tell Frankie, who now must decide whether to report the misconduct or forgive Tanya’s mistake.

Eli Nadar (Liam McIntyre) and Frankie are brought together when Eli asks Frankie to admit Naza (Aanisa Vylet), a Kurdish woman with multiple problems.

When police reveal that Naza has an expired visa and is an illegal immigrant, she flees the hospital. Frankie and Eli must track her down in hopes of saving both her life and the life of her baby. But Eli’s own past in war-torn Syria rises to the surface, putting in jeopardy the growing relationship between he and Frankie.

Will they be able to trust each other with their wounds?

Berger, who is fighting his own health battles, saves the patient, but earns the wrath of Immigration Officers when he gives medical treatment to the refugee.