When a heart transplant patient dies, Frankie (Claire van der Boom) fears the surgeons will close ranks to cover up a medical error. Lou (Andrea Demetriades) realises she and Frankie may be on different sides.

Under Eli’s (Liam McIntyre) tutelage Tabb (Arka Das) is struggling to prove his ability to be a doctor when the two are pulled into an emergency code on heart transplant patient, Zoe (Melissa Bonne).

Frankie (Claire van der Boom) is stunned when she does not survive. A meeting is called to establish whether there was a preventable error but Mitri (Blessing Mokgohloa) and the others in the operation close ranks, pressuring Lou (Andrea Demetriades) to keep her mouth shut.

After Frankie helps Berger (Owen Teale) deliver a renal patient’s baby, he asks her not to reveal his brain tumour; they are now the keepers of each other’s secrets. But this isn’t the only secret Frankie is being asked to keep: Lou admits that she saw Mitri miss a stitch and was ignored. Was it arrogance that killed Zoe? And what will Frankie do with this new knowledge?