When Berger (Owen Teale) learns Frankie (Claire van der Boom) has a fever, in the middle of a hospital outbreak, he forces her into hospital for treatment, putting her secret at risk of exposure.

When there is a hospital outbreak that targets the immune suppressed at City West Public Hospital, Frankie Bell (Claire van der Boom), along side other transplant patients, is in danger.

As patients fall like flies, Berger (Owen Teale) takes a protesting Frankie off potentially dangerous ward work to pursue the investigation into the outbreak with Eli (Liam McIntyre). This infuriates the renal registrar, Tanya Kalchuri (Pallavi Sharda), who wanted this investigation for her cv, and who sees Frankie as a potential threat.

Lou Tannis (Andrea Demetriades) is under pressure, also, as a teenage boy’s mother refuses to allow her son the medical treatment he needs to deal with cancer.

Her bosses, Mitri (Blessing Mokgohloa) and Cutter (Susie Porter), want opposite things from her regarding the RCA into the death of a patient, and this affects her ability to treat the teenage boy. Luckily Frankie and Eli come to her aid.

Meanwhile Tabb (Arka Das) is dealing with a passenger plane pilot with a drinking problem. Whose duty is it to report this? Is it ever right to expose confidential patient details?

When Berger learns Frankie has a fever, he forces her into hospital for treatment, putting her secret at risk of exposure.  She must ask rival, Tanya Kalchuri to take her place at a research presentation.  And Tanya is determined to find out why.