On the eve of an investigation into a possible medical error resulting in the death of a patient, Frankie (Claire van der Boom) realises that all doctors are fallible when faced with the reality of a health system that is not always perfectly able to cater for all.

Frankie Bell (Claire van der Boom) is part of a team investigating the death of a transplant patient. Was her death the result of a medical mistake?  Can she get the truth revealed or will the medical staff involved back the surgeon, Rowan Mitri (Blessing Mokgohloa), when he says no such mistake happened? Frankie wants Lou (Andrea Demetriades) to speak out, but will she, when her own future as a surgeon is at stake? Lou is under pressure both from her friend, and Maggie Cutter (Susie Porter), who wants Mitri discredited for her own professional reasons. With the RCA findings looming, Frankie is on the night shift from hell, left alone to deal with multiple critical patients at once. When she prioritises a woman with an aortic tear, another patient dies, leaving his brain-damaged son without a carer. The death causes Frankie to question herself and what it means to make a mistake.  The RCA findings are presented and Lou finds the courage to speak up. But the RCA is a whitewash with the cause of Zoe’s (Melissa Bonne) death remaining inconclusive, and the surgeon responsible, Rowan Mitri, apparently suffering no consequences. Frankie realises that all doctors are fallible.