Chad Berger’s (Owen Teale) days as a doctor are coming to an end, but he is determined to see through a complex set of paired kidney exchange transplants. Will he be able to do so, or will his own condition get to him, before he can?

Berger’s (Owen Teale) brain tumour is progressing, his symptoms growing more extreme but he is determined to finish a complicated series of kidney transplants before dealing with his own medical options.

Tabb’s (Arka Das) confidence is shaken when the brother of a deceased patient shows up with the same heart problem. Tabb is convinced he will have to resign before he kills this brother too, until he diagnoses a rare disorder and saves the patient’s life.

Mitri (Blessing Mokgohloa) still struggles with the weight of guilt over Zoe Mendosa’s (Melissa Bonne) death, and under Lou’s (Andrea Demetriades) guidance he finds the courage to apologise to the husband Sam (Troy Harrison), finally taking responsibility for the operation’s outcome.

Eli Nadar (Liam McIntyre) is concerned Berger’s judgment is becoming impaired and urges Frankie (Claire van der Boom) to stop covering for him. But she is determined to help her mentor succeed with the complex domino of transplant surgeries and give Berger closure so he can deal with his own health.

Berger is forced to reveal his brain tumour and resign from the hospital, leaving Frankie and Tanya (Pallavi Sharda) to see the domino through. But when one of the donors pulls out at the last minute, derailing all six of the surgeries, Berger steps in with a radical solution …